Monday, June 15, 2015

Stay Slim Muffin Recipe for Moms (Or anyone)

Here is a recipe for nutritious breakfast muffins. This simple recipe was given to me by husband's aunt so I don't know the origins. I do play about with the ingredients and measurements to suit my health need or taste buds at that time

Special Ingredients & Benefits

Wholewheat Flour:
Whole wheat flour (tepung atta) is unprocessed wheat flour (tepung gandum). It is packed with benefits such as high in vitamin B1, B2, B3, E, folic acid, calcium, phosphorus, zinc, copper, iron, and fiber. It is also a good source of dietary fiber, manganese, magnesium.

Note: I didn't manage to get it in the baking store. Found it at Giant Supermarket. You can definitely find it at Indian grocery shops. This is the flour used to make chapati.

Organic Molasses Sugar:
Molasses is the byproduct of sugar refining. The most important benefit of molasses is its high mineral content. 1 tablespoon of organic molasses contains 20% of the daily recommended daily intake for calcium, 22.5% of the daily recommended daily intake for magnesium and almost 40% of the recommended daily intake for iron. Molasses is also used medicinally to cure constipation, arthritis, rheumatism, acne and depression among others.

Note: I usually use a teaspoon in the morning and a teaspoon in the evening in my hot beverage to replace sugar.

Dried Plums (Prunes)
Other than the known fact that it eases constipation, dried plums are a good source of Beta Carotene & Vitamin K that together reverse the signs of aging.They are high in soluble fibre which means it slows down the rate of which the food leaves the stomach which makes you feel full & satisfied longer preventing overeating and subsequent weight gain!

Walnuts have antioxidant properties and are a great source of anti-inflammatory omega-3 essential fatty acids. They are also a good source of molybdenum and the B vitamin biotin (the Vitamin that prevent hair loss). Many other minerals including calcium, chromium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, selenium, vanadium and zinc can be found in Walnuts. Super isn't it?

The Recipe

3/4 cup  whole wheat flour 
3/4 cup all purpose flour/wheat flour  
1/3 cup packed brown sugar  
1 3/4 tsp  cinnamon 
1tsp baking soda 
1/2 tsp salt
Measure and Sieve

Add Salt AFTER seiving

1/2 cup milk 
1/3 cup molasses 
6 tbsp olive oil
2 large eggs 


1 1/4 cup Walnuts chopped coarsely 
1 cup Cranberries & Chopped Prunes
Cover dried fruit with Hot water before any other process

Preheat Oven to 160 Celcius 

Add B into A and finally add C

Scoop in to muffin cups of choice till it's not more than 3/4 full. I used 5.5cm cups so I get about 9 muffins.

Pop in the oven for 10 -15 min. It cooks quite fast because the batter is not watery.... so keep an eye...when it is slightly browned  ....than it is cooked ... you can also do the skewer/toothpick test to see if its cooked through.

Bon A petite !

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

What to pack in your Hospital Bag (for Labour)'s Week 35,  do you have your Hospital Bag ready?

It's best to pack 2 bags; Mom Bag & Baby Bag. Make sure everyone around the house knows where these bags are kept and label them if you need to. 

On the left is a Baby Backpack and on the right is a trolley bag

If like me you are going to Government Clinic (Klinik Kesihatan) and will be delivering in the Government Hospital, remember to have your 'pink book' in your handbag at all times. With this 'pink book' with you, should you need urgent attention you can go to any nearest Government Hospital.

For a new mom, packing these bags can be quite daunting. Here I will share with you what I've decided to put in my Hospital Bags.

Mom Bag - Stuff in my Trolley Bag

Mom Bag
1. Beach Towel

2. Long long looooong Pads
Look for the 40cm long ones. I prefer these compared to 'Maternity Pads'

3. Nursing Bra x 2
These clasps make it easy to snap off anytime and breastfeed. Just don't buy too many as your breast will still grow (OMG What?) after your milk comes in after day 3 or 5.

4. Disposable Underwear x 2 packs
I like these particular one from Guardian that feels like normal underwear. It doesn't feel like paper or plastic... its sensible to leave your normal (sexy or aunty) undies at home could get messy.
5. Vaseline (for dry lips)

6. Nipple Butter
Be prepared for sore nipples. This my first time trying this brand - Earth Mama Angel Baby. Last time I used Palmers Nursing Butter, it was great but I can't find it anywhere

7. Disposable Nursing Pads
Once you go home you can use the Washable Reusable ones. I suggest disposable for Hospital
8. Toothbrush & Toothpaste

9. Miniature Toiletries
Shower Cap, Moisturizer, Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Wash, Mouthwash

10. Baggy T-shirt / Maternity T-shirt / Nursing Blouse / Nursing Dress
For breastfeeding moms I suggest Baggy T-shirts instead of button down shirts. From experience you reveal more of your breast with a button down shirt then a Baggy T-shirt. Use your imagination and you will understand this logic. Even better if you have nursing blouses or a nursing dress to wear.

11. Sarong
Comfortable and easy to remove. 

12. Maxi Maternity Skirt 
Hospitals are cold plus more comfortable covering legs on the wheel chair ride. Yeah, I remember riding on the wheel chair from my ward to the car pick up. This is for big hospitals I guess.

13. Slippers

14. Warm toastie socks

15. Hoodie / Warm Jacket

When packing clothes for yourself, remember that you will only need them when you are leaving the ward as once you get checked in you will be handed those lovely, adorable (horrible but comfortable) hospital blouses and sarong to wear so don't pack like going for a vacay!

Additional Items that I will be packing later:
1. Loo Roll
2. Go Girl
3. Make Up (yeah right..but just bring it)
4. Hair Tie
5. Handphone & charger
6. Camera with charged batteries
7. Tab / Laptop with some movies
8. Stress Ball (last time I kept throwing it around the room during labour and my husband had to keep bringing it back to me lol)

Baby Bag
1. Swaddle Cloth x 3
I recommend you get ones that look like huge nappies from Aden & Anais. They are very versatile and can be used as swaddle cloth, nursing cover, blanket, mattress protector...

2. Newborn Diapers
You would probably need more if you have to stay over at the Hospital. Just pack some in the bag and rest can be put in the car.

3. Receiving Clothes
The first top that baby will wear. The top should be front opening as opposed to a t-shirt that you put through the head as baby's head & neck is still floppy. I would also recommend the tie string type as it overlaps the chest and provides baby with more warmth.

4. Square Hand Towels
For baby burp, wipe spills, wipe baby ...many uses

5. Wet Wipes

6. Baby Beanie Hat

7. Mittens & Booties 

8. Spare Clothes 
Just in case the stay is longer

9. Diaper Rash Ointment

Other items not in this list:
1. Baby Bath
2. Towel

When you are wheeled in to labour, your husband or birth partner may need to bring along the Baby's first clothes, newborn diaper and swaddle cloth / receiving blanket. I've neatly packed it separately to avoid and chaotic situation (I'm not dramatizing it okay..can you imagine your hubby digging your bag looking for matching baby stuff and asking you while you are having intense labor cramps?). 

Oh just a small rectangle Swaddle

Tadaaaa - together with Baby's First Outfit and Diaper

One last thing to ensure is your car is fitted with an Infant Car Seat (Group 0) for the ride home. Of all the things to scrooge on, a car sear is definitely not one of them. The Infant Car Seat can be used till the baby is about 10kg (depending on model), after that you can get a Group 1 seat which can be used up to 18kg. There are many kind of seats, do your research and get what is suitable for your budget and lifestyle. Some Group 0 seats triple up as a baby carrier as well as can be fixed on to a pram. There are also some convertible seats from Group 0 to Group 1.

Baby Suryanh at 3 days old in his Group 0 seat. At this stage it needs to be rear facing.

Hope this helps especially for new mamas out there. All the best on your delivery.

Monday, April 20, 2015

15 Differences Between My First Pregnancy and My Second Pregnancy

I think all moms will agree that there are a differences between the First Pregnancy and the Second (and consecutive ones).

Here is my account of the differences between my first and second pregnancy:

1. Excitement Level
First Preg: Everyone was so excited! We were so excited. All we thought of was baby, what would he be like, who would he look like and such.

Second Preg: We were very excited to find out. Unfortunately we didn't talk to our bump as much. People were like 'Oh congratulations' or 'Oh you are pregnant again' or 'Oh, so soon'.

2. Baby Paranoia
First Preg: Constant worrying about how baby will turn out. Would he be healthy, would he be slow, would he be autistic, his sexual orientation and how we would handle that and the list goes on. I would think of all family members and wonder if he would inherit any of their traits.

Second Preg: Nil

3. Pregnancy Awareness
First Preg: I was constantly thinking about being pregnant. Everything I did, I would wonder how it would effect the baby.

Second Preg: Oh yeah..I'm pregnant.

4. Minimizing Activities
First Preg: I was so paranoid that I may lose the baby that I minimized all my activities. I didn't travel or go to concerts like as if the baby will suddenly drop out :p I used to just whale around in front of the TV or laptop and reading baby stuff. 

Second Preg: Life goes on. I was still able to dance vigorously up till my 7th month of pregnancy. Now at 9 months I still carry my First child when he wants me too or when I feel like it (cos I know the day will come that I wont be able to do this), we play catch, run around and dance. With the first one around there is no lazing around option anyway, kids gotta eat, bathe and such you see. 'Me' went out the window as soon as the first one pops out.

5. TV and Electronic Entertainment
First Preg: Anything and Everything I want to watch.

Second Preg: Disney Junior. My laptop and handphone is constantly hijacked to watch Pocoyo, Dibo The Gift Dragon, Kids Songs and the likes. When I do get to switch on the TV, there is nothing to watch. Thank  you ASTRO...

6. Rest and Sleep
First Preg: Sleep, sleep, sleep

Second Preg: My son loves to sleep late and wake up early. So his 2 hrs of afternoon sleep is when I get to do any other chores. 

7. Expectations from strangers
First Preg: Whenever I would take public transport or in a public space I would expect someone to offer a helping hand or give up a seat. 

Second Preg: I have toughened up and excepted that some people may need their seat more than me. I'm probably stronger than them anyway. Once you become a mom you develop super powers you know.

8. Food Choices
First Preg: I used to be on a strict diet before pregnancy but as soon as I found out I was pregnant I became a human vacuum cleaner. I used to treat myself to ice-cream and the likes every day. I used to consume 2 glasses of Anmum Materna which on hind sight was not necessary and contributed to my crazy weight gain. At the end of my pregnancy I put on a good 30kg! That's right. 

Second Preg: I snacked mostly on fruits (If I need a snack). If not I keep to 4 meals a day. So far at 9 months plus the weight gain is 19kg which is good compared to my First Preg.

9. Stretch Marks
First Preg: The nurses and doctors told me I had a very beautiful bump. Although it was big there were no stretchmarks. I used Palmers Cocoa Butter at that time and it seemed to help.

Second Preg: During the end of First Trimester my belly and torso started to flake like mad you can't even imagine. Nothing seemed to help, not even my trustee Palmers Cocoa Butter, Vaseline, this expensive cream called Stricell Strechmark Cream till I found the magic potion that is Bio Oil!

10.  Baby Bump Pictures
First Preg: My hubby was not so big on taking professional pics. I had a free session which I didn't really have fun as it didn't involve my hubby. The outcome of the pics I never really did share with anyone as the looked kind of gloomy. Probably projecting my mood at that time.

Second Preg: My hubby was very supportive and we went all out and spent a bomb on a professional shoot. It was really nice to have hubby and child number one on the shoot. My son constantly wants to hold, hug and kiss my baby bump.

11. Maternity Clothes
First Preg: I was waiting to wear maternity clothes and tell the world I'm pregnant.

Second Preg: I wore my normal clothes as much as possible and was able to mix match with my maternity wear right till the 9th month. I suppose this is easier for mom's who didn't put on too much weight.

12. Doctors Visits
First Preg: Hubby dearest would follow diligently to every visit. We would look forward to every scan.

Second Preg: It doesn't really matter if I have to go alone really. It's just being pregnant..not some life threatening thing lol, tho hubby dearest still takes me to most of the visit I really don't mind if he can't come to some at all. Like I said before... you develop super powers after becoming a mom.

13. Indian Aunties
First Preg: Everyone wanted to cook for me and I had to finish everything that was put on my plate!

Second Preg: Got one invitation but haven't gone yet. I'm not so big on eating a lot at the moment. No hard feelings yea?

14. Insecurities
First Preg: I was mighty insecure. Going from a hot chick to a 'well-rounded' mom. It is embarrassing to admit but I used to sniff my poor husbands shirts for any other female scent (Sorry hun, I love you).

Second Preg: I've never felt sexier. Not even in my model body.

15. Dreams
First Preg: A whole lotta SX dreams... Never had any so surreal, not even during puberty or ever. It's really confusing as being a mom supposed to be something so earthy and angelic and then you have all these strange feelings and thoughts. .

Second Preg: Just some dreams. Like 3 maybe. The rest of the time, Im so tired that when I hit the bed its KO Mother......! ha

Above are just my differences and I'm pretty sure it varies from mom to mom. It would be fun to hear how similar or different you or someone you know felt while being pregnant.

Together we brave through the world of parenting. What better way to do it then smile through it.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Stand Up and Pee! Go Girl, pee like a Lady

How many of us dread going to public toilets?

Do you hold your pee just to avoid going to one? Well you shouldn't as this could lead to UTIs (Urinary Tract Infections - if you are familiar with the term you probably got it before or know someone who has). A simple act of releasing oneself has become or has always been the bane to a lot of women around the world from different walks of life.

The only time you should do this pose is when
paying tribute to the  King of Pop hismelf
So what do we do when we can't hold it in? We line the commode with lots of tissue (although you really want to save paper and save the world you seem to have no choice as you choose your swelling bladder over the world), hover squat over the commode to ensure no contact with your skin (this can be especially hard if you are heavily pregnant) and I suppose there are other things other people do but I'm not you so I don't know what you do in the loo.

However I strictly can't stand those people who mencangkung atas tandas duduk..yes you know who you are..leaving your shoe marks all over. You are one of the reason's why the public toilets is in such a sorry state.

Don't you just wish you could pee standing like a man? Well what if I told you that YES! You Go Girl! Go ahead, stand up and pee like a WoMan!

Many years ago I heard about a device that allows women to stand and pee whenever and wherever. I thought it was really quite cool. When I found out that this device called Go Girl is available in Malaysia, I got really excited and thought to try it out for myself. 

GoGirl is more than just a bathroom product; GoGirl enables women’s active lifestyles. GoGirl is a simple, sanitary device made from germ-resistant, medical-grade silicone that allows women the benefit of going to the bathroom standing up. The easy-to-use device is reusable or disposable and the small storage tube fits easily in a purse or backpack like other feminine hygiene products. 

This device is suitable for :
- Outdoor Lifestyle Girls ( campers, bikers, etc )
- *Golden Girls (Veterans) having issues with knees, after op situation, 
- *Rave Girl (Party goers) with portable loos only
- *Wander Girls (travelling ladies) that may have to Go in the most inconvenient places
- *Preggo Girls (expectant moms like me) who are not able to squat/sit easily

*These catergory names are unofficial names given by yours truly.

This is what a GoGirl looks like
I later found out that GoGirl has been made available in Malaysia since 2013 and already has a big user base although it's still pretty new to our local market. I would think that this is more than a trend, that it will catch on considering that Texas A&M University in the US, has installed permanent women’s urinals! Wow!

It is definitely worth to give GoGirl a try, especially with Thaipusam (for those of you who will be walking for kilometers behind the chariot) and Chinese New Year (some of the more remote rest stops along the trunk roads can be quite icky) around the corner. 

In my next post I will be sharing with you my personal experience using GoGirl including a 'How To' section.

You can get your GoGirl from

RM48.90 for Single Unit
RM138.90 for 3 Units

Feel free to comment or post your questions below =)

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Waxing it Off - Strip Style

Today I'm going to talk about Waxing. Not for your car but for your hairy-self. Let's skip the question about why we need to be hairless in the first place in any or many places and just accept it as a choice some of us make. 

Personally, I started about 7-8 years ago if I remember correctly. My aunt took my mom and me to a place in Bangsar that did waxing and threading which was all new to me at that time. My first Brazillian wax was just before I got married =) . The waxing technician told me that it was nothing to be shy about...that they did this as a profession...that it was normal. So, from the time I decided to start Brazillian waxing with her I called her Dr. Bulu at her amusement.The place eventually closed down and I was left hopping here and there.
I had heard of this place called StripKL but was of the thinking that it was very uppity and not my thing till recently this year my friend Elaine recommended me to give it a try. To my surprise not only were the packages quite affordable, the comfort level and superior standard of cleanliness was definitely worth the extra buck. Thinking back now, I wonder how I settled for anything less. Some places use the same spatula to apply wax time and time again on many different customers eyuuuweeeeeeeeeeeeee

Here I wanna share the reasons (and some behind the scene pics) as many of you have been asking me about it after I posted my pic with the cute Orang Utan on Facebook & Instagram. 

Strawberry Wax, Chocolate Wax and Soft Wax 

StripKL works on appointment basis so you must call to make one. This time around I went to the one is Sunway Pyramid. I usually go to the one in KLCC as it is nearer to my office. Once I stepped inside I was impressed with the details on the space created. It felt like a pet grooming centre to me.. suitable for us hairy animals lol. Just so you know..every Strip's interior is differently decorated.

Anywho, the girl at the counter, which will be my Stripper today asked me if I was pregnant and if so how many months. I later learned from her thru our chit chat during the waxing session that women pregnant 3 months and below are not allowed to do waxing. She explain that it is because the 1st Trimester is an unstable one and they won't take the risk.

She then ushered me to the room, and asked me to change into the 'sarong' hanging in the locker. She also handed me a silver packet that looked like a condom which is actually an anti-septic wipe you need to use if you are waxing your privates. Always clean the front first and then the back, yeah it's a no brainer but you know...just in case you didn't know.

Next I climbed up on the bed and lay down waiting for her to arrive. She gently knocked the door and stepped in, put on a new pair of latex gloves and asked me if I'd like Chocolate flavour today or would like to try out the new Christmas flavour - Cranberry. I opted for good ol Chocolate as the Cranberry one can't be deducted from my credit package =p

She started with the Brazillian first. You  know what they tell you ... the more and more you wax the less it will hurt? Well, I can tell you it still freaking hurts after so many years. However Hard Wax is a lot less painful the the regular soft wax. The good thing is it is over very quickly.

After that she did my legs with the soft wax. The soft wax they use is different as it smoothly roles out of a bottle at a very tolerable temperature so you can expect to NOT get burned.

Why I choose Strip: Ministry of Waxing? 

1. Clean - Staff make sure to wear new gloves everytime they tend to you and use a new spatula for every glob of wax spread on you 

2. The staff are very well trained

3. It has the most yummily scented Strawberry & Chocolate Hard Wax. There is also a Vanilla 'Ice-cream' that they apply to soothe sore areas after the wax.

4. Comfy - Nice fluffy pillows & sheets & towels to keep you comfy 

5. They are super fast > 15 mins is all they take

6. Funky - Chic Deco > You can't miss that this joint definitely has taste

7. Unisex - Men & Women welcomed to step in and get stripped of (hair that is). In case you didn't know a lot of the Indian places in Bangsar don't do male clients.

At StripKL, they use Hard Wax for sensitive areas such as the privates & face areas. Hard wax does require the use of strip cloth or paper. The wax is applied generously and dries in a few seconds as it cools. The hard wax does not stick to skin but encapsulates even the tiniest hair so the technician then just peels off the hard wax and walla! Hello smooth skin! Oh, and hard was is also less painful then soft wax.

Some Things I Think You Should Know About Waxing
- Don't go to near or during menstruation as your body will be more sensitive to pain
- If waxing your face area for the first time don't do it right before a big don't want red patches on your face
- DO Wear loose clothing to your waxing appointment
- Don't use any scented lotions, deodorant  or alcohol based products on the waxed area for 24 hours (it will burn like mad)
- Don't shave between waxing appointments (the hair will grown stronger and be painful when waxed)
- No hot baths, sauna, steam baths for 24 hours

Brazillian Wax?
- If you are a newbie aka noob just be prepared for the pain but remember its only 10 mins and this will make you a stronger person LOL. I have read some sites suggesting to take pain killers before going but I've never tried ..I'm quite the trooper.
- Don't touch the area for at least 24 hours
- No sexy time as this will further aggravate the vaginal flora which may cause infection (remember you just stripped of the hair which is actually natures way of protecting your precious area tsk tsk tsk)
- Wear loose fitting undies and stay away from them synthetic maetrials as well as those stringy ones that stick into your buns
- Enjoy the breeze =)

So if it is your first time or you are looking for a better hair removal experience why not head on down to a StripKL near you and give it a go? They have branches all over the world including New York, Hongkong, Singapore, Manila, Jakarta and such.

Checkout their official website here there is a whole host of areas that both He and Her can get waxed, some maybe you never thought possible. 

BFF Leena pinching Hairy Missy's cheek

Also if it's your first time at Strip you can get a 30% OFF if you are referred by a member, so feel free to drop my name 'Aberami Jaishana'. 

StripKL - Sunway Pyramid 

SURIA KLCCT 03-21815-579/ 572

BANGSART 03-22836-092/ 094/ 096

THE CURVET 03-77265-119/ 75-119/ 76-119

SUNWAYT 03-56215-119/ 6-119

SOLARIST 03-62079-012/ 013

PENANG GURNEYT 04-2287-835/ 836

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

NIP - What is It? Would you Do it?

I remember quite clearly one day when I was in my early 20s, I was traveling back from work on LRT. There was a young woman sitting across me carrying a small baby (1 guess it was around 2 months old). The baby started to cry and the young mother just coolly popped a nipple into the baby's mouth instantly stopping her cry, pacifying her. I was taken a back, jaw dropped, gob smacked, totally weirded out by this woman. Couldn't she see that she was making people around her uncomfortable? Foreigners, men, women, students all distracted not wanting to look her way but same time wanting to look. 

For many many years this image never disappeared. You know how you only remember only certain things in the many many years of your life? The things that make an impact? This was one of them. I do not remember her face or the gender of her child. I do not remember the faces that were trying hard to look away. But I remembered the feelings I had. How I judged her.....

Art by Shawn Hancock

While I was pregnant I was hungry for whatever information I could get. Breastfeeding seemed to be the buzzword. But why? Isn't it a strange feeling to have a little human sucking on you? But the more and more I read, the more I was determined to breastfeed.

It was quite a new concept for most of the family, I guess during the time we grew up the Baby Formula guys were bombarding the market with false advertising (Isn't it ever so peculiar that something not from the mom / same species is deemed better? Ah the power of marketing and psychological manipulation).

What further motivated me was my mom did tell me she breastfed my first brother till about 7 months, I also had 2 relatives (about my age) that were successfully breastfeeding, this really drew my interest and lastly the  World Health Organization recommends exclusive breastfeeding till the child is 6 months.

I initially tried to pump and bring my milk around. But this proved to be super tedious. Firstly, I would need water to warm the milk, Secondly if Bub didn't finish the milk in an hour after putting his mouth on the bottle it may spoil and I'd have to throw it away, Thirdly, he just refused to take the bottle if I was around cos I guess he could smell the fresh one haha :p

I then invested in a nursing scarf. Which was very short lived as he did not want to be covered. I was advised by some elders to nurse in private. That would mean I have to be 24/7 locked away as my Bub was the kind who was constantly latched for the first 2 months at least.

Its amazing what knowledge and new info can do to you. Since the above didn't work I CHOSE to change the frame of my mind. These were the factors that pushed me to Nurse In Public:

1. Baby will get hungry anytime anywhere, as a mom my sole responsibility is to nurture and nourish my son
2. Would you want to put a cloth over your head when you eat? No? Thought so. Baby is the same.
3. The primary function of the Mammary Glands are to nurture ones offspring

However I just like to add that I don't do it cos of suka-suka. I usually check if there is a place for us to Nurse... If there isn't...well my baby has to eat!

The first time I NIP was is Hard Rock Cafe Malacca.(Ok actually it was at the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit when Bub was in for jaundice and most of the moms there with and without hijab a like didn't give a rats ass who was watching and coolly nursed their little nipper! Damn, that was some MOTIVATION!). Our little fellow was 4 months and had the nibbles so I asked the waitress and she told me there was no where but the toilet. Would you eat or feed someone in a toilet? No? Thought So. That's when I whipped out a Scarf to cover myself and nurse my little insatiable Bub. No one even noticed!

"Hi mom! I'm hungry"    |   " I'm full and back to slumberland!"

Once I did it and realised how easy it was, I was now confident. I felt like SUPERMOM and prepared to do it wherever and whenever. Yes, I'll be there for you baby! Against all odds! Whatever people may say! Cheh..getting a lil too carried away here..but you get the picture =)

All you need really are some strategic clothes, some practice and the right frame of mind (superhero, angel, warrior princess cave-woman etc). Places I have NIP and managed to not get stared at include Old Town Cafe at Sungai Petani, in a corner sitting on the floor in front of Sephora KLCC, KLIA while waiting to board and many many more. Its great if you can educate your loved ones and build your own support system if there isn't one already.

When I look back at how I judged the angel young mom when I was younger I really feel ashamed of myself.

Thankfully this has not happened (yet?)
I'm so glad that Malaysian's or maybe people in general have come to accept this idea. No stares. Only people trying to be helpful. So, if you are thinking about it and  haven't tried it please do. I'm sure people around you will be happy especially if it means the sound of baby not crying to help. Cheers.

P.S. Looking forward to hearing YOUR experience XOXO

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

You CAN lose your Baby Weight. I lost 30+ kg

I use to be around 57kg when I was modelling. When I first found out I was pregnant I was 60kgs. I slowly (actually no, it was quite rapid) watched the digits increase at every weigh in. It didn't help that my appetite was ever increasing and just insatiable. During lunch (or anytime I felt like) I would wander off into the mall and treat myself to Haagen Dazs and became a loyal customer of The Fudge Factory. Food Glorious Food!
waiting for baby to pop!

During the third trimester I had  this really bad burp that brings out a really bad bile into your mouth. My stomach felt as if I was having gastric. So, I like many 1st time moms did not know this was acid reflux. I thought it was hunger so I kept on eating! (this one one of the reasons of my weight gain I believe).

At full term I was a hefty 90kg! You could say it was the baby..yes my baby was pretty big (4.05kg) but even that plus with all the amniotic fluids, placenta could not be more than 12kg right? After baby was out, I was so excited to be a mom but when I looked at my body I felt sad. The nice round bump had gone..not to be replaced by flat stomach but a lump of blubber..
My blubber belly, My In-laws, My hubby and Little Muchkin

When I was asleep, in my dreams... I was still that slim girl with wild curls. When I woke up it was far from it. Yet I was determined to get back to my old self. I would like to share with you how I got it all back. Well with 1 or 2 kgs fluctuating of course ;) 

1. Breastfeed (I am a huge advocate for this! You can burn up to 500 calories a day just by exclusive breast feeding. Your womb will also shrink back to its original size faster.

2. Shut Your Ears -  (Sorry to say but shut your ears to the old aunties & nay sayers. Be ready for 'supportive' words like "She is starving herself", "No need to diet la", "You won't get back to your original figure", "Just eat only!","I made you some cake" etc. 

3. Count Calories -Keep a food diary. I used calorie counter app called MyFitness Pal. Tip: You can add 300-500 calories for Breastfeeding or you can add it under 'My Exercises' (Ahh..the rewards of breastfeeding). They also have a phone app version.

4. Balanced Diet - I ate as clean as I possibly could. From the 4th month onwards I totally did not consume rice and processed bread. I ate a lot of fruits, vegetables, chicken and fish and baked my own wholewheat muffins. If you are Breastfeeding I recommend only to start cutting your portions gradually as a sudden drop will cause your body to produce less milk. 
My very own Healthy Muffins packed with Anti-Oxidants 

5. Jumping Jacks - When you are up to it (like for me it was after 3 months). I started my day with 50 jumping jacks. It helps to wake up your body and keep your metabolism up and its great for those who cant afford to go out for a jog.

And THATS ALL there is to it.

Other things I did along my weight loss journey:

1. Final goal. Project the desired image of you in your head so your body and mind will work towards it.

2. Take my time (It took 9 months for my body to get this way anyway)

3. Invest in Flattering clothes for my new body (if you look good you wont feel so bad about yourself). Remember your body will keep changing. I got my self a new pair of jeans (the biggest I have ever owned, a size 34!), 2 dresses in my new size 'XL' that flattered the new curves, a few nice tops to begin with.) My favorite go-to shop for Breastfeeding dresses is The Fabulous Mom. I still wear them today and get compliments.
One of my favorite dresses from The Fabulous Mom. This is 6 months post-pregnancy.

4. Wear a Bengkung or girdle. It was quite uncomfortable at first but you will get used to it. Bengkung is better than normal Girdle because it pushes your hips back to its original size. Some people even say that their hips got smaller that pre-pregnancy. This is because our pelvic bone is soft and expands when the baby comes out. So we need to push it back into shape while its still soft which is like within 2 - 3 months when the oxytocin level in our system is still high. Best results if you wear it religiously day and night tho you will be walking with itsy bitsy steps and picking your crying baby up could be quite a challenge. I don't miss the Bengkung! Haha but it gave wonderful results.
Mine looked like this. This is from TANAMERA. I had to buy2 and join it cos Im tall LOL

5. Appreciate Myself - Have a positive image about yourself. I appreciated my new E Cup! 

To new mama's good luck and Ganbate!

To not so new mama's you can still do it!

To anyone looking to lose weight, the choice is yours!

A recent picture with birthday boy Ravin at his party. 

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and diet is hard work. Build a support system around you that keeps you going. I'm quite lucky that my parents were instrumental for me.

Happy Chinese New Year!

P.S. Although I know my lovely hubby preferred the meatier, huggable me he did not stop me from reaching my goal. I would like to ad a special hug and big kiss to my man =x Thanks for telling me I am beautiful all the way thru and for telling me the little pouch of fat left on my belly now is cute and reminds you that I once was the vessel that carried our little snuggle puff.